StatInf is at the crossroads of computer sciences and statistics as illustrated by our core team

Adriana Gogonel, Co-founder and CEO

Adriana holds a PhD in statistics. Her research interests are closely related to Extreme Value Theory (EVT) and Machine Learning (ML). Previously applying her skills to meteorology, Adriana transitioned to real-time embedded systems when she joined her Inria team. After developing academic statistical analysis tools which proved useful to industrial partners, she developed an entrepreneurial mindset that eventually led to the founding of StatInf.

Liliana Cucu-Grosjean, Co-founder and Scientific Leader

Liliana holds a PhD in computer sciences. As an experienced researcher and team leader at Inria, Liliana has extensive knowledge in real-time embedded systems, notably real-time scheduling. She took part in numerous collaborative projects involving leading public and private research entities which contributed to the premises of StatInf . Her large scientific network and deep technical understanding are both key assets to lead our ambitious R&D programs that provide technological edge to StatInf.

Guillaume Dion,
Business developer

Guillaume holds both a MSc in engineering and in economics. He is fluent in probabilistic and statistic theory with specialty in Shannon’s Information Theory used in ICT. Through several experiences all closely related to innovation and entrepreneurship, he acquired skills and knowledge to develop businesses based on cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to his mixed background, he is the accurate fit to convey our value proposition to customers.

Rihab Bennour,
Embedded systems engineer

Rihab holds a MSc in embedded sytems. Prior to StatInf, she perfected her programming skills on various hardware architectures within leading public research entities, namely CEA and Inria where she met our cofounders. Her technical versatility is invaluable as StatInf works on both current and future generations of processors.